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November 12, 2018

1 Samuel 19 – 2018-11-12

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  • Bible Text:1 Samuel 19:1-10 (ESV)

    1 And Saul spoke to Jonathan his son and to all his servants, that they should kill David. But Jonathan, Saul’s son, delighted much in David. 2 And Jonathan told David, “Saul my father seeks to kill you. Therefore be on your guard in the morning. Stay in a secret place and hide yourself. 3 And I will go out and stand beside my father in the field where you are, and I will speak to my father about you. And if I learn anything I will tell you.” 4 And Jonathan spoke well of David to Saul his father and said to him, “Let not the king sin against his servant David, because he has not sinned against you, and because his deeds have brought good to you. 5 For he took his life in his hand and he struck down the Philistine, and the Lord worked a great salvation for all Israel. You saw it, and rejoiced. Why then will you sin against innocent blood by killing David without cause?” 6 And Saul listened to the voice of Jonathan. Saul swore, “As the Lord lives, he shall not be put to death.” 7 And Jonathan called David, and Jonathan reported to him all these things. And Jonathan brought David to Saul, and he was in his presence as before.

    8 And there was war again. And David went out and fought with the Philistines and struck them with a great blow, so that they fled before him.   9 Then a harmful spirit from the Lord came upon Saul, as he sat in his house with his spear in his hand. And David was playing the lyre. 10 And Saul sought to pin David to the wall with the spear, but he eluded Saul, so that he struck the spear into the wall. And David fled and escaped that night.

  • Reflection & Application: 1 Samuel 19:1-10
    • Even though Saul agreed with Jonathan’s reasoning and and took an oath accordingly, his later actions exposed the insanity of his jealousy.  In what way does this show the inadequacy of mere reasoning to uproot deeper sins of the heart?
    • What drives people to take actions that defy what they know to be right and just?
    • What lesson is here about the strength of harbored sins and how I should deal with them?
    • Is there some deeply entrenched sin — jealousy, bitterness or resentment toward someone, ongoing problems of rage, or other stronghold — that I need to deal with more seriously than I have been?
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