October 5, 2017


  • Journal & Pray. Here are some tools to help you with the devotionals:
  • Read & Reflect

    JUDE 1-4

  • What are the reasons Jude gives to “contend for the faith”?

  • What are the false teachings I need to contend against to preserve the gospel?

  • What are some ways modern Christians can be led astray to “pervert the grace of our God into sensuality”?

    JUDE 8-10, 16

  • Think about the description of these false teachers. What did they rely on, what did they reject, and what were they like?

  • What might have been attractive about their false teachings?

    JUDE 17-19

  • What are these people motivated by (v.18), and what do they cause in the church (v.19)?

    JUDE 22-23

  • What responsibility do I have towards the 3 kinds of people described in these verses?

    JUDE 24-25

  • Reflect on the doxology that closes out the letter and gratefully receive into your heart the blessing pronounced there.

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