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October 23, 2017

Revelation 12

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  • Journal & Pray. Here are some tools to help you with the devotionals:
  • Read & Reflect

    REVELATION 12:1-6

    “The dragon represents Satan and his demonic forces, the woman represents God’s faithful people who have been waiting for the Messiah (the crown of 12 stars represents the 12 tribes of Israel), and the child represents Christ.”[1]

  • How does the power of the dragon compare to the apparent power of the woman and child? What is ironic about this contrast in power?
  • 1,260 days represents the period of persecution (cf. 11:2; 13:5). What is the inherent promise of God to the persecuted church in this verse?REVELATION 12:9-11
  • What are the activities of Satan? What accusations from Satan do I face? What evidence is there that Satan is deceiving the whole world today?
  • Notice that the battle rages in heaven, but the people of God are also said to have “conquered him.” What does this show about the close link between our faithfulness and the cosmic spiritual battle?

[1] Life Application Study Bible, study notes (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers and Zondervan, 1991) 2260.







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