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November 6, 2017

Revelation 22

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  • Journal & Pray. Here are some tools to help you with the devotionals:
  • Read & Reflect

    REVELATION 22:1-2

    • What is the source of the river of life? What lessons can I learn regarding the relationship between true flourishing of life and God’s authority (symbolized by the throne)? What is the significance of the presence of the tree of life in heaven (cf. Gen 3:21-24)? What can I learn about God’s faithfulness and zeal through this? What are some ways I have experienced the “leaves of healing” in my life? What are some of the areas in my life that need healing?


    “Soon…the time is near.  There are those who think John was mistaken to believe that Jesus would return quickly. But probably the words underscore the immediacy, not the timing, of Christ’s return. He can come at any time; every generation should expect his coming.” [1]

    • What is my response to the fact that Jesus can come at any time? What are some of the things I need to do in preparation for his return?

    REVELATION 22:16-17

    • What can I learn about the role of the church in this world from the fact that the invitation to come is offered by the Spirit and the Bride (i.e. the church)? How can I be this voice of invitation to those around me?
    • What are the “qualifications” for coming and taking the gift of the water of life? What does it mean to be thirsty for the water of life?

    [1]  The Quest Study Bible, New International Version, study notes (Grand Rapids, MI:  Zondervan, 1984) 1734.




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