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October 18, 2017

Revelation 9

By carmenhsu In Devotion Text, Revelation with Comments Off on Revelation 9
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  • Read & Reflect


    • What can I learn about God’s mercy from the limitations of power and duration placed on the various destructive acts of judgment? How have I responded to God’s forbearance, kindness and mercy (cf. Romans 2:4)?

    REVELATION  9:14-15

    • These verses reveal there have been destructive fallen angels, or demons, bound at Euphrates (the river from which Israel’s enemies traditionally invaded), which are released at a specified time. What implication does this have on my view of life and history?

    REVELATION  9:20-21

    • What does the fact that these verses note mankind did not repent reveal about God’s desire in the midst of judgment? What does it reveal about man?





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